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i'm so confused, how do you get cade's 6th point? i've been trying for at least half an hour now and still can't figure it out :(

AWWWWW HES SO CUTE I love the hyena so much I also love the game and I hope you keep updating it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Lol Joey?

I want to know a little about the development of this game.
This is not the first time I have seen such a romance.
what programming language is used?
How did you get started developing games in the sense of how you came up with this idea? (for some reason I was just trying to fall asleep and think: "why the hell not," and now I sit and learn C ++)

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I broke the limit again  6 point Cade XD

(For someone who cant get 6 point on Cade. Made him angry, have someone apology <3)

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what? i don't get it, when do you get the option to apologize to him?

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You just need make sure "Dylan" apologize to him =3

First make Cade angry and upset to Dylan. After that go check on Cade then Sidney (when you have option to choose who to hide with)Both cant replace since they are your friend~

Edit:Somehow I mess up the two character name

Cade is supposed to have 6 points.

No breaking here.

Thanks for the Error Screen ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

It help me realize what I need to do to get 6 point <3

apologies for asking but could you please elaborate? i didn't quite get that riddle

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Someone here is "Dylan" you just make sure he apologize to Cade

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so i got to where cade got mad and the one who did it apologized but i still didn't get the 6th point, did i do something wrong? :(  also don't you mean dylan?

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Here is my decision Offer your help->It's ok->Help Cade->Figure out->Loud encouragement->Sidney(Why not for extra  point)->Cade->Dylan->Cant replace->The game(You could try get all point for extra relationship with all). At the end of the day you should get 5 point~

thank you so much~ :)

But hiding with Sidney doesn't give any points, does it? Neither does hiding with Cade regardless of any choices.

Man I'm absolutely loving The Human Heart, all the characters are amazing and unique, but wow I love Cade SO MUCH! his smile makes my heart smile , and he is so sweet ❤ he is my super duper favorite ^ω^

I was just curious why you would name the hometown "Kapayapaan"? I was surprised to see a Filipino word. The game is looking good so far and I like how many big guys are in the roster. The characters are a good mix of personalities and are all equally endearing. Thank you for sharing your work. 

I am filipino and I couldn't think of a name for the hometown lol

Wow. Me too. Although its silly but that fact makes me happy. That's pretty cool! 

any got 6 points for cade yet

There are some plot holes, but I really enjoy this game and hope to see more of it!! <3

how about russian translation? (although considering that I have been living for 100 years not in Russia, for me this is not such a useful update) I think for the Russian part of your audience it will be quite pleasant

I got an Error code saying this, I've re-downloaded it but it still says this. Any idea how to fix this? --thnx

Yeah already notified about this bug, will look into it

-has flashbacks of ddlc- ._.


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the hell? i got all 5 friendship points for cade and the bonus scene never showed up is there something i missed? or is this just some dumb glitch? *edit* alright i know there is something i'm missing but don't have a damn clue as to what it could be

If you read my message at the end, youll know Cade requires 6 points now

and that's what my edit was for, also does this mean the Cade scene is currently impossible to get with this current build?

Its possible.

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how?  i've  tried every single option and scenario i could think of and never got to 6 points, and that's not a joke i have even went as far as getting all 8 different scores in two truths one lie

edit i have made the conclusion that it is infact impossible to achieve without some sort of helpers guide and everyone trying to get cade's bonus scene should just stop trying to get it because it most likely will not happen

Actually, it's possible to achieve it, the first point and the one probably you're missing is when you defend Cade or Dylan

AHHHH THIS IS SO NICE AND CUTE!!! gonna keep my tab on this! plus your developer's message at the end was really cute too!!!


im gonna go bald trying to get cade cg, am i that dumb?

Liking the new CG

Sidney and Rorik Is So Cute~~[in my mind]

And another is cute too,don't be sad. OwO


how do get cade bonus

I like the new way of look of Cade, he look more buff than the old one ~ Keep up the great work <3

this game gave me the feeling of different personality of charactor,It make me feel like it really!~ [This Is The Best]

I love every thing of this game~

Sound:Nice jop



Art work or Graphic:Legendo!!(It so cute style of your draw~[;3 N It was more than cute~ It Netural Kawaii~])

Charactor:The Goddd!!!!

N the top favorite charactor in this game?That so cute~ Is 

It normal than i can get 3 points with sidney ? I try 3 times to have 5 points but it not working

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Same here, I got all of them except Cade and Sidney. 

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sidneys shy and need space try not force him out of his comfort zone i got 5 with sidney and 3 or 4 with rorik when i went through

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oh for me i only get 3 , one with the truth or lie and 2 by helping him, how i can get the 2 another point, i need for sidney ?

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sidney Spoiers

help him and lift the table with him - 1 point

help him out in silence - 1 point

gain 1 bonus point for doing both

hide with sidney then hide with rorick - 1 point

2 truthes 1 lie - 1 point


thank ! i think i gonna redownload the game because even if i do everything like you say. it still on 3 points x)

and... i have the same problem i gain a point for help and silence but i don't get a bonus point or the point than i choose to hiding with sidney and than rorick

This game looks good,  I am loving it so far especially the characters.

keep up on good work. 

lol. You deleted the Android version but it's still in Devlog

Let me guess, did you delete it because of that bug I wrote about?

I'm trynna figure it out, thanks for the input aaa

You didn't answer my question in the past comment...

Okay  •́  ‿ ,•̀

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Cool game, even though I didn't start playing it!) Thank you for making the Android version

One question: is there/will there be nsfw scenes in this game?

Edit: I just started playing, and already found a bug that does not allow to continue playing
I want to go to the next dialog, but I get an error

I play on Android

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wait a sec, 1.4 has no mac version? (heart broken)


Oops sorry, it was set to the linux icon, its on mac now

Yee thx *huggs*

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They're all so freaking cute I love your art style I can't wait to see whats next. Also why did the word "Daddy" move on Ace's shirt? 

Old sprites had different designs.
And thank you <3

I love this!

I Love all the character designs. I'm excited to see more of this :). Love the Work!!.

I'm loving so far. the art style and the story looks good, i'm so excited to see what is coming in the updates!

hey i dont know if anyone has this problem that you lose the points with cade?

Intentional shhh

oh sorry 

It as a cute art style, I like it hehe

Thank youu <3

This VN is amazing. The Art, music and storyline is amazing. I can't wait for the next part :)

Thanks <3


this game is really awesome is almost like that other game that has the same thing... have you heard a visual novel game called Morenatsu because it almost looks similar but i like it i hope you do the best to update this game more it's very awesome leo 

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I loved morenatsu, glad i could give off a similar vibe

Thank you :3

your welcome   i hope  i well see  more of it 


I love this VN

Thank you <3


Will there be a android version also is this swf of nsfw


Figuring out how to do an android version, as for the second thing I dont know yet

I'm looking forward to see what happens next 

Thanks :3

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Is there going to be a  Android version?

Working on figuring that out


Try the app joiplay, to be found on my profile, to see if it's compatible.


realy good vn i can't wait for update

Thank you <3

I really enjoyed how cute everything was. Dylan is by far my favorite but I have a type lol. I'd love to stick with you as you develop this game, do you plan on making a discord or anything so people can watch as you go?

I have a twitter and thats about it, and thank you <3


aww~ good VN. can tell that I'm gonna hug them all X3


Thank you. <3

hehe, can't wait to see more update rn <3

Great game. I think I broke the limit though, I got 6 point friendship with Rorik XD

Well thats not sposed to happen, will look into it haha

this game looks epicccc

Thank you :3

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