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Is this game dropped????


Leo stupid gay




Anyone know how to get Tyler ending or aces ending


This game is so amazing please update it


Ok, Rorik is such a cutie. I need some continuation like, naow! Really enjoyed what has been released so far, need some more of the doggo for sure though~


But now I gotta wait for new content.
The only downside to playing things that are still in development.
I need more fully teddy bear!!


Loving this game but is it dead


I Hope Not! Im in love with this game, and Characters!

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If you plan on updating the game again soon then we need some more story on da hooman 

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I absolutely adore this VN. Super charming to the point I was seriously bummed when I reached the end. Love the characters and art style.  Looking forward to seeing more and plan on supporting on Patreon.


Finished the game. Looks great so far. Can't wait till more comes out.

I'm here to say a thing. When the  people is wishpering, it sounds an audio and they are speaking in spanish. You can hear someone says "marica", and that's a really bad word that shouldn't be there. Only wanted to say that in case you didn't know that, good game  though.

It's stock audio; it doesn't really mean anything to the plot as a whole. Nothing to worry about.

as a gay dude im honestly not insulted lmao, also that wouldnt actually be what theyre saying if you have proper hearing lmao

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Some people could get insulted. I was only saying that to let it know

jaja marica,  eso tambien pasa en 'killigan's treasure'  al inicio del juego xd


My heart sinked when Tyler, Rourik and Sidney cried. Protect them !!
Dylan is a cuty too 


i already love this vn so far!


untendo snitch is my favorite console


Just want to ask if there will be an update

hopefully they update it again soon 


is there a schedule at all ? just askin cuz this game fuckin SLAPS

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Im wondering is this VN gonna stay SFW or not? Not complaining though

Really enjoying the story so far

The description says that it's SFW 


PLEASE MAKE A LARS BONUS SCENE!! I love this game so much, all the Characters i love, Especially Lars! <33


Imagine being a zoophile- I'm joking.


They all look like they got a vagina aswell if you look at there pants---


E.T.: The Dating Sim


I'm new to this vn, any suggestions?




What about Sidney?


Spreading doggo propaganda, Rorik best boi.





besto doggo , ♡


i loved it i can't wait for the update 

I loved Sidney the most


on god

sidney :3




Cant wait for a update


The fact that I changed "human" for goat/sheep every time since that is my fursona xD


Lmfao is that the hallway from the 

Bang theory


i love sidney


Or more days in the standard story


A suggestion: Maybe there could be an avatar editor to decide if you're a unknown animal or a human that came from other world/dimension (You can unlock it ending the standard story). And a story editor with some presets that you can use to do more animals, manage what they have to say, etc. This is just a suggestion, but i want it in the game :) 

Note perfectly that the whispers are in Spanish with Venezuelan accent xD. I like it


nonbinary asexual flags colorpicked


sidney is best yeen boi

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Complete route of Sydney,
with the 10 points ♡♡♡

Day 1: Sidney's not even introduced yet, doesn't matter.

Day 2: Sidney starts at 1 point. When choosing to talk to Sidney at the beginning: "I'm nervous too" (2p) / "Sorry I'm not interesting" (3p)

Day 3: As far as I know, Sidney can't get points in this day.

Day 4: Get out of the apartment by the Fire Exit, so you can get to the forest. When in the forest, talk to Sidney: "We took your spot" (4p)

Day 5: When choosing who to help, choose to help Sidney (5p): "Lift the table with him" / "Help him in silence" (7p)

when we look for who to hide with, we go to Sidney, he will tell us that hiding with rorik would be the best, we accept and go with rorik, he makes us a comment about Sidney, and there we get the sgt point (8p)

When playing the lies game, make sure to select "He likes light coffee" for Sidney (9p).

Day 6: When on the park, choose "Spirits"  (10p)

AAAAND BUMM we get the to bonus scene with Sidney ♡♡♡

thanks i was trying to see how to get it

do you know how to get 10 points with rorik

I can't really change the name of the MC, I can't delete the original to put the new one, anyone can help with that?

Nevermind, it was just my keyboard app acting weird, I changed to the my phone's standard keyboard and it worked just fine

Ye that nothing happen but is awesome i wish he visits that place again


hey, i just finished the game and i need to say. The story is Awsome. i cant wait for a next update >-<


Rorik is best boy


"You jumped but ace couldnt catch you. You died lol"

HEY hey hEY woAH brother, my mAN, kindergarteners can survive a 4 story height! So can I! If im gonna die, at LEAST say "You landed on your head and broke your neck, so you suffocated"

Jokes aside, I love this game-

I normally avoid furry VNs. Not because I dont like furries, I'm literally a fursuit maker, but I'm always so worried it might be super over-the-top stereotypical "riske, 'OwO' furry"

But this- MM. Im LIVING for Ace and Dylan so far. Or I guess dying for them, because I jumped out of a window and probably framed bunny-boy for murder


I named the protagonist after myself thinking it was probably going to be gender neutral. Now everyone thinks I'm a dude, despite my incredibly feminine name. ;~;


hmmm its almost like this is a gay vn or smth idk tho prob not 

Yeah, Ik. I just didn't realize when I initially downloaded it. I just saw cute furry bois and pressed download.


i'm gonna get this shirt lol



So, i played this game for a while, but, the protagonist is being referred as he/him, is this a lgbt visual novel?



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