The Human Heart v.1.5

Hello! Leo here! Welcome to The Human Heart 1.5 update. I wont be here to code tomorrow, so I thought might as well release what I have for now, its not much... It's just a small little update that includes:

• Making certain characters easier to get points with.(No sence in having it be so hard on day 1.)

• An actual working Android release (Note android version lacks any changes to the ui, such as the tiny icons and the points menu, if anyone knows why this happens please dm me.) 

• Finished bonus Cade scene with cg

• Actually finished Day 1

• Tried making my own backgrounds (Feedback pls)

• Polished the tiny icons on the side

• Parts of Day 2

• Fixed the 6 points issue

• Fixed the main menu overlap

• Fixed certain grammatical errors (probably added a lot more though, lmao)

Anyway hopefully you enjoy what this update has in store, it's mostly the Cade thingy.

Please leave feedback and report bugs if and when you can <3

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How do I get the special scene for Sydney? I've tried a bunch of things and I haven't been able to figure it out

Oh, I loved your new backgrounds. It matches more than the previous one


Do any of you know where is the points menu in android version?? I didn't seem to find it

Please read the dev log

Oh, okay thankyou. I already played it and i really like rorik. Keep it up leo!

Sorry of i’m bothering you, but, the game will be NSFW?

OMG, a new update already? Wonderful!

the bgs look great, but i can't seem to unlock cade's bonus scene for some reason ( i can only reach 5 points with him :/ )

omg i'm so sorry, i figured it out lol. btw this game is GREAT 

how? i've tried for hours but can't figure it out