The Human Heart v2.1

Howdy there! Welcome to The Human Heart v2.1!

It's been almost 2 months since the last update. Sorry about that, I don't really have an excuse, other than having a bad work ethic and the inability to write. I was planning to upload this mid way through October, but I think I've put in pretty much all I wanted to.

Even if it took a while, I hope you enjoy!

• New Story; Day 2!

• New Sprites for Sidney!

• New Sprites for Rorik!

• Lars Redesign

• Linux version for some reason

• New Rorik Bonus Scene!

• New Sidney Bonus Scene!

• Extended Dylan's 2nd Bonus Scene

Again, sorry it took so long. I'm honestly surprised you guys haven't given up on me yet, haha. Hopefully the second day of the story explains more of what I want to go for.

Side note, you have to go through the old story in order to find the new bonus scenes. I've placed them where they fit in with the new story, but I haven't changed the context around it, so for days 3 & 4 you're still an old friend of Cade's, hopefully there is no confusion regarding this. And hopefully you can skip through text you've already gone through in the old story or just spam click if you can't, haha. Sorry.

Please tell me what you think of the new sprites and cg's ESPECIALLY Lars' redesign. And feel free to tell me about any bugs you might find. I need all the opinions I can get <3

(And no, missing Karen isn't a bug pls.)

Happy Furry-ing <3

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let just say sidenys my fav thick and thin bro he my fav 1st to cade

i only just came across this vn but i am already planning on sticking around for awhile i look forward to what comes next

My two favorite characters :o 
Also I'll never give up on you Leo! ^-^ The next update could be next year but I would still wait :3 


I just saw Sidney and I was like "Y E S"