The Human Heart v.1.6

Hello! Leo here! Welcome to The Human Heart 1.6 update. First off I just wanna say, thanks for all the support the game has been getting recently, like it's so bewildering... I thought me playing around with coding something wouldn't get this much traction, but geeze! You guys proved me wrong, so thanks for that <3 To celebrate this success, a friend of mine made a community discord server! If you want to join, here's a link:

Sorry for taking so long but here's a new update for ya'll! just a small little update that includes:

• Revamped Ace Bonus Scene, with CG!

• More of Day 2!

• 3 New Side Characters!

• Made Cade's route super easy, because ya'll can't figure it out and wont stop spoiling in the comments.

• Fixed DSorry Issue

• Day 1 Scenes polished

• Icons for Leo

Hope you guys enjoy the update! And again, sorry for taking so long ~<~

Please leave feedback and report bugs if and when you can

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Hello!! Do this VN haves a Discord Serv?

I’m having trouble downloading it on my iPhone this is my first time attempting to put this on my phone that isn’t from the App Store an I can use some help :(

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Hey the setting where this vn happens is in the village "kapayapaan"

Which in tagalog means peace

Is leo a Filipino?

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No it means freedom 😑

freedom is kalayaan


keep up the great job! <3 <3


err... cade wasn't hard? i mean. i took me a moment. but this is too early to get stuck betches.