The Human Heart v2.3!

Hello and welcome to The Human Heart v2.3! I(The Tyler Update)
Old saves will not work on this version.

Another three months have passed, sorry for being so slow, but thank you for being patient with me! Hope it was worth the wait <3

This update includes:

• New Tyler Sprites!

• New Story Day 5!

• New Cg for Day 5!

• Day 3 & 4 Fully Sprited!

• 7 Side Character Sprites!

• Android UI fix!

• New Main Theme!

I know it took long and it contains only one day, my work ethic is crud. But I urge you to replay through Days 3 and 4 as I think they are a completely new experience when the sprites are added in! :3
Heck, you can even replay all the days just to soak in the new adorable Tyler sprites! :3

I've removed the confusing "Old story blah blah" from the script, day 6 has not been rewritten yet just hidden in the game code. This makes some old bonus scenes lack a certain context, but I don't think it will ruin the enjoyment of any new people playing. 

Shoutouts to @Rj_kuns on twitter for the new main menu theme <3 
Thanks as well to @maybeadoggo and @NovaSkylar1 for help with fixing the android UI and some additional coding!
Thanks to all the discord mods as well! They keepin the community alive there haha.

I will make sure to release an updated version of Day 6 before the end of April, I promise.

Feel free to tell me what you think about the new day 5 and the new sprites and the new story! As well as any bugs you might find, I need all of the opinions I  can get.
Happy Gayming! <3

Known bugs:

• Rey Porter has no sprites yet
Can't access point screen on android
Lars sprites have some dirt that is very visible and distracting.

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oh, I just got 9 points with dylan, passed through the bonus scene 1 and then it turned back to the main menu. How do I get the 2nd bonus scene with dylan?


Just here to promote best moo propaganda

Great update, but what happened to the shower cgs? They're nowhere to be found :(



you smell that ... smells like new content


*sniff**sniff* And it smells ... gooood


new update uwu

I sense so many Steven Universe references and I love it

Hi I have a question, I don't know if it's a mistake or not, but we can't get the second bonus scene of syd anymore, we need 10 Spoints to unlock it but we can get last point in the label Day6 which is not available

Do you not get the scene when you have 9 points?

no in the script, you jump to the label STest2 with 10 or more Spoints

i see, thats unfortunate will fix next time


Will the next update be of Rorik? He is so cute and caring that he has become my favorite one. The bull is also cute and can't decide which is my second favorite between the bear and bull. Tough decisions 😅


Just Rorik.Just Rorik.Just Rorik.Just Rorik.Just Rorik.Just Rorik.Just Rorik.Just Rorik. :)