Focus Poll

Hellow I need your opinions, the game is close to being out of it's set up set of days, so my question to you is "Which character would you like me to focus on?"

Please vote on this poll:

Avoid the "all at the same time" choice for my sake please haha, jk <3

Thank u <3

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Just do the best you can do.  And don't overwork yourself that's how great projects end up being left to root and i do wanna see this game fully ended. Great job and good luck!


Ace perdendo, que triste


i did vote but honestly like do it in any order you think is best i mean you are the writer 


Wow... The order of the characters in the poll currently is preeetty close to what my own priority list would look like. Feel like my tastes may be a bit basic :P

Are the votes closed?, It doesn't let me vote...


There's the 'back to Poll' button to vote, since the link sends you to the results page

Oh, thanks. I've never used the poll thing before. :) 

ehehe, no problem .w.