The Human Heart v.2.0

Hello! Leo here again! Welcome to The Human Heart 2.0 update!! 

Heyyyy, I know there hasn't been an update for a while, honestly I took a break from the game for a little while cuz it was my birthday recently and things weren't going so well for me... It's no excuse to be lazy though, so I tried my best to get this one out.

Sorry for taking so long but here's a new update for ya'll! just a small little update that includes:

• New Sprites for Cade!

• New Sprites for Dylan!

• New Story Structure

• New Cade Cg!

• New Dylan Cg (Sorry if short.)

The update doesn't contain much story-wise because I want to redo all of the sprites from scratch so that they're more expressive. As well as to make it easier for me to give the characters new clothes when need be. Please bare with me if it takes me a while to write new story stuff, the restructuring of the sprites is proving to be rather difficult.

I know it doesn't seem like much, hence why I didn't mark it as a major update, but I hope you guys still like what I got, sorry for taking a break.

Sorry if the story is absolute garbage, it prolly is. 

Please tell me what you think of the new sprites and cgs! I could use the feedback haha, and feel free to tell me about any bugs you might find <3

Happy datin' uwu

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This is amazing I would like to be in the discord and maybe help out if I could

Yoo~, I'm all in for this new story content! Always a fan for the transported to furry world, can't wait for next update dude!

new sprites who dis. Awesome take your time dude its all coming together.


Whaa D:

The old story was good. Why change it? TwT

Well, can't say it was "that" good, it was still in-development. I just liked the old Dylan's bonus scene. It was very wholesome and sad. Poor lonely Dylan TwT

Oh well, still can't judge it too because it's still too early for that as well. Let's see what future will brings.

P.S: I hope Dylan be the dommy one in his route ;3

I like the story ;-;

Even though I like all the original sprites I like that you are changing them so they can have more expressions ^-^


Honestly, I prefer the new story :3

I like the new story

the new story's great! \(^ヮ^)/

Woo! Another update! >w<

so cute:)