The Human Heart v2.4!

Hi welcome to The Human Heart version 2.4! (Big Sad Update)

WARNING FOR ANDROID USERS: please uninstall previous versions of the game before installing this new one, it might break some stuff otherwise. Thank you!

I know it's been seven months and i apologize for that haha. Like this update, I was also big sadge. I became espresso depresso, writing wasn't very fun at certain points and I guess I just lost track of time, but hey! We're back and I'm real proud of this one!

Huge shoutouts to @ChowUrsane for helping me with the day 6 writing and @ManelessBurr for making the entire the locker room!
And for the letsplayers who were playing my game while I was MIA, it was nice to know people still wanted me to keep going <3

If you're still here and haven't given up on me yet, here's an update lol!

This Update Includes:
• Full Day 6!
• New Cade Cg
• New Rorik Cg
• New Tyler Cg
• New Lars Cg
• Every single bonus scene is once again accessible (sorry about that)
• 4 New Townies
• More visible points menu (Dunno if it works on mobile, please let me know)
• New Pause Menu
• Extras Menu
• Image Gallery
• Sprite Locker Room
• End Credits
• Slight Sprite Polish
• Continuity Polish

Apologies if some secondary characters do not move during bonus scenes, I figured since they're not the main focus of the scene, I shouldn't make 'em move yet.

Also I have recently opened a Patreon for the game! It's lacking in content right now, but it will gain some over time.  It's not required for me to keep working on it, it's more of a support button since I do not have a source of income.

Support the creators:

And if at any point I fail to deliver a new update in 2-3 months, I will close the Patreon until I can deliver an update for y'all.

As always any and all opinions are very much appreciated <3

For updates n stuff: @leonthelionel
Join the community (🔞18+ only!🔞): 

Known bugs:
        None yet, please let me know if you find any

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I hope a new update gets released eventually, it's been almost a year since the last one


don't think it's that much of an understatement to say that this game ruined my life. 10/10 👍

Will the updates be automatically installed or do we have to install them once they come out?

Okay so I'm kind of new to this vn, is there a Sydney CG, if so, what am I missing?

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Hey I just wanted to say that I love this game! I find every character attractive in their own way, so I have tried all their routes so far!


if sidney has a million fans I’m one of them.if he has 5 fans I’m one of them. if he has one fan it’s me. If he has no fans I’m dead


speaking the truth 🙌🙌🙌


it looks like a door with a heart on it in the base of the tree


Wait is this a nightmare before Christmas reference to valentines day?


no idea

but that is the tree where the player shows up

and the game is literally called the human heart

there's probably lore significance 


Hope you feel better now ^-^


Im tryin haha, thank you so much ☺️


this is probably a dumb question, but uh... how do you see the points menu now? i can't seem to find it, haha..


It pops up once you get to the ending for the first time :3

Hey Leo, I just started the game and all my saves were gone, Is that normal?

also, Love the game, Keep up the awesome work!

Take rest when you need to you furball haha

Huh I dont know what would cause that, sorry

But thanks dude ~w~

Hehe, You're welcome



Are you able to get 10 points on every character or just some i tried like loads of different choices on sydneys but could only get 9 points every time. Also really good day 6 cant wait for more


I fully tested that before sending it out, and yes you can get them all

Thank you so much!!! :3




HELL YEA! Its here! :D


Awesome! it's Here! :